"Half the Money I Spend on Advertising is Wasted...

the Trouble is, I Don't Know Which Half!"


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From: Home Biz Joe 

Are you tired of constantly promoting affiliate products and not earning the commissions you expected? If you have been online for more than 15 minutes then somebody somewhere has told you to "go to Clickbank and find a hot selling product to promote"! 

So you did what they said. You picked out a product and placed some ads. You might have used pay per click or placed classified ads or done the Twitter/Facebook dance. 

You were excited. You placed your ads. You did your part. 

And then nothing happened! You can see that you got clicks to your link but no sales. 

Want to know why?

Because dirty, evil commission thieves are constantly patrolling the Internet stealing commissions by the thousands!

These people read your articles and see your ads and even click your links. But when the time comes to buy they simply replace your affiliate ID with their own and steal your commissions.

This is a BIG reason why so many affiliate marketers never make a single dime even though they work as hard as they can!

But what if there was a way to protect your commissions and help get more traffic to any site you wanted to promote too, all without any extra work.

You just do what you are doing now but you earn more commissions and get better search engine rankings too... automatically!

If that sounds like what you want, read on to discover how a program I wrote for my own use can help you earn more than ever before.

I am thrilled to introduce to you Free Link Tracker!

Protect Your Affiliate Commissions!

It's a fact - evil commission thieves are just waiting to steal your hard earned commissions!

Here's how they do it. They see YOUR ad and then replace YOUR affiliate link with their own, in effect stealing YOUR commissions!

But now you can defend yourself and start earning the commissions YOU deserve with Free Link Tracker!

FreeLinkTracker.com is a FREE membership site that will allow you to cloak any affiliate link you promote. In fact, Free Link Tracker will allow you to cloak ANY link at all!

If you are not familiar with the term "cloaking" let me explain. When you "cloak" a link you simply are showing your visitors an internal link when they mouse over an affiliate link or any link you have published, so the visitor doesn't think they are leaving your site or clicking on an affiliate link.

Split Test With One Click Of Your Mouse

I'm sure you have heard about "split testing". Split testing is where you compare one version of a sales letter or squeeze page against another to see which one makes more sales. Top Internet marketing gurus have said they would never put a sales letter online without split testing. It's that important!